Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is the foundation upon which modern business successes are built. Whether you’re running a small business (or a startup) here in Tennessee or anywhere in the world. Your successes should be determined based on actual sales. Your sales and ultimately the profits you achieve will depend on a few simple things. Such as how well you’re able to provide information about your products and services to the right people at the right times. Two critical points in the buying cycle are when prospects are actively researching products or services you offer. Another is when they have determined exactly what it is they want and are deciding where to buy.

Internet Marketing Research

Internet Marketing ResearchAs an Internet Marketing Consultant, I can tell you that your businesses success or failure is going to be determined¬†in large part by the importance placed on keyword research. Such research provides clues to the searcher’s actual intent. I look at how and where to implement the most thoroughly researched and considered keywords throughout your website. I also consider how best to use them when initially setting up an advertising campaign. Most of my clients have one overriding concern on their minds when I first meet them. By and large, they come to me convinced that Page Rank is the ultimate goal of all internet marketing strategies.

Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance IndicatorsYou can be inundated with traffic to your website and if it is the wrong keywords bringing the traffic then you aren’t likely to sell much. This is why I will be spending so much time, early on and throughout our business relationship, researching, sorting and sifting through reams of keyword data and then starting the process over, again and again. Rankings are only one of many performance indicators, they are not goals. While good internet marketing strategies and Organic SEO will improve your rankings. The true measure of success is more customers, more business, and continuously increasing sells. Rankings are unreliable for a number of reasons. First and foremost, is that search engines are all working towards increasingly personalized results based on individual search history and account data.

Search Engine Results Pages

Search Engine Results PageThe search engine results pages you see will not be the same as those seen by other searchers, even for the same exact keywords. Other factors are search location, which data center processes the search, and so on. Finally, the integration of information and services from your account with that particular search engine. All of these factors align to bring you and every other searcher a very customized rankings page. For those that become focused on rankings and search engine changes, my advice is to watch your business factors.

Business Factors to Watch

Business Marketing FactorsSales, revenue, and profits. And look for correlations to the content and the performance of your website. Those are in your direct control. On another note, don’t be afraid of algorithm changes in the search engines. Do what is best for your users and avoid schemes that are meant to present your site as being more relevant than it is. The Internet is full of get rich quick schemes. For building links, creating content or gaining the inside track to the search engine. Be wary of these tactics and do your homework if you are presented with a method for gaining an upper hand with the search engines.

Don’t Worry About Search Engine Changes

Most of the time, the algorithm changes are to combat unethical schemes. I don’t worry much about algorithm changes because I don’t pursue the latest changes. My internet marketing strategy is the same as it has been for nearly 17 years. Give people the content they are searching for. Present them with a quality experience and a logical path to conversion and you won’t have to worry about the search engine changes.