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Old School Support

For all your questions & emergency issues, you can schedule a 30 minute ($25) or 60 minute ($40) SKYPE conference call and be face to face within an hour (depending on availability).

I Answer My Calls!

Is there anything more frustrating than trying to contact somebody that never answers? My clients may not always be able to get me the moment they call, but I ALWAYS call them back ASAP.

My name is Jared Sewell and I’m an old school, ex-military, break/fix, networking, electronics and communications loving geek. The fact that understanding technology has always come easily has never been enough for me. I have always wanted to know whatever I didn’t know and to know more about the things I did know. Well, I have pushed the envelope of knowledge and understanding so far that I am now in a position to help those of you with your own tech shops to have websites that are worthy of you. Websites that speak well of you and that show without a doubt and in every detail that you are the one that every visitor can trust with their office systems, networks and networking components, PBX’s, workstations, servers and anything else that most office managers and managing partners are loath to trust anybody with.